Simply Put.

Gotel is the result of the exploration of the opportunities that the autonomous vehicles in the hospitality and travel experience. Gotel utilizes an autonomous vehicle platform to create a seamless hospitality experience. The vehicles serves as both transport and lodging, whether you're traveling cross country or you have already arrived to and need a effortless way to experience your destination. 

- The Design Team -


This Gotel Project was undertaken by a group of designers in pursuing a Masters of Design degree from The Massachusetts College of Art in Design. The team included myself along with Raquel Meneses and Chuyang Chen. 

DESIGN BRIEF | MDES 601: Experience Design Lab 1

Experience design is not a checklist, a recipe, or a series of maneuvers; it is a way of thinking. It uses brand as a compass for identifying differentiated value and experience. It considers how products, services, and solutions play a role in delivering value over time and how this must be accounted for even in the early phases of innovation or the product design process. It considers all stages of the customer journey as opportunities to provide value and further engage customers. And it brings the concept of time to the table as a way of exploring options, innovation, implications, and inter-dependencies. 

Experience design doesn’t replace innovation. It complements the efforts. Experience design doesn’t replace brand strategy, but pushes beyond the traditional approach of defining brands. It advocates using the concept behind the brand as a way to identify and define value for customers in ways that can be differentiated in the way that products and services deliver value. And this becomes the purpose and intent of the business — to deliver products, services, and experiences that deliver the value that the brand represents, as a way of giving the brand meaning. 

With this project you will take a deep dive into the imminent paradigm shift in traditional human mobility... the driverless car. Google and others are vying to dominate this new space while fully understanding that this is uncharted territory. Driverless cars will marry product technology, service, and user experience while placing the safety of their users in the hands of technology. 

Each team will be challenged with learning as much as possible about the emerging field, to discover potential opportunities for elevated user experiences, threats to existing services, markets for early adoption, and ways to redefine the idea of commuting.


After researching the current status of autonomous vehicle technology and its manifestations we determined that there was opportunity to yet to be explored implications of autonomous vehicle technology to mid to long range travel.